[ Sun, 23 November 16:49:13 ]

Wed November 5

Free Giant Cardboard Dinosaur

Mon October 27

found the man who held my hand at the accident on 27 sept – w4m

Mon October 20


Wed October 8

Our Accidental Incident – m4w

BE THE COUCH you want to sit on in the World!

Thu October 2

Restored Gnome (may be haunted)

Wed October 1

For sale: bullshit European baby scooter made of wood and smugness

Mon September 29

To the man in the Costco parking lot who handed me 2 neatly folded 20s – w4m

Fri September 26

FSU Corn Hole for Sale!!

Tue September 23

Re: Opened Margarita Mix & Used Lipstick

I think I was kissed by a ninja… – w4m

Fri September 19

Vintage Camper -1962 Monitor –Beautiful!

Tue September 9


Sun September 7

Needed: Fall Boyfriends

Sun August 31

Stop fucking snakes.

Fri August 29

Creepy Eye of Sauron Pillow

Wed August 27

“Haunted” Dictaphone

Mon August 25

Free dead piano. With impeccable karma.

Thu August 21

Need Chicken Diapers?

Wed August 20

tux kitten adopted

1957 Chevy

House Keeping Job Requiring Uniform

Mon August 18

Watermelon eating contest for chickens

Intergalactic Warrior Kitten needs to be hidden from the CIA

Sun August 17

Free stress.

Check out my record store!

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