Sims Concentration Camp

I made a concentration camp and it took like 5 hours. Now when I invite sims over and lock them in, they just sit there and bitch about how they cant leave. Is there any ways they can just accept their fate as prisoners?



Prisoners play catch in the yard


The Pleasentview Concentration Camp


Sims won’t sleep but they will nap! Like this little loli girl.


Outside view


Another outside view


Dr. Eisenburg is the prison master, he invites people over for pizza, then locks them away. Here you can see him in his sleep attire fishing in his pond outside the walls.


Prison showers


Prison picnic tables

That’s all for now. Currently I have about 7 prisoners.

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27 Responses to “Sims Concentration Camp”

  1. Cindy Says:

    this is wrong

  2. OP Says:

    But I had showers and hobbies and all sorts of stuff for them to do :(

  3. manzanar42 Says:

    i think this rocks. are they other people’s sims or are they just the computer’s sims? you should play online and invite other players over so they get stuck also.

  4. Gages Says:

    You sir are my new hero.

  5. Kinghobo Says:

    Oh my lord that is fucking funny as hell. That game/sim is gay as shit but that my friend is funny

  6. Golden Says:

    If any ladies find this amusing, definitely email me and we’ll get coffee.

    Andyfox1979, you clearly did your homework in the architecture of these buildings. I’m impressed with the seriousness with which you address the subject.

    Have you considered adding a water slide?

  7. Jamie Says:

    I think its great. now if we can only figure out how to do experiments on them…

  8. idiotboy Says:

    LOL That’s just great :D

  9. Nate Says:

    Holy shit, this is the best thing ever! I remember doing this for the sims 2: bustin’ out, bu how to you keep them in? Erase the door?

  10. poopdedoop Says:

    HAHAHAHA oh man! that’s awesome!! you need t imprison the whole city. But will they disappear after a while?

  11. Mobytches Says:

    holy shit, you are the greatest person who ever lived

  12. Mitchell Says:

    I made this FYI

  13. Jules Says:

    Grand idea!!!

    Can you add “solitary confinement” rooms?

  14. SwastikaFrenzy Says:

    The awesomeness of this is really dependent on the names of the prisoners. Elli Wiesel, Anne Frank and henceforth…

  15. JohnnyLuchador Says:

    I must say, if they die, it makes it a haunted Concentration camp, which makes it 10000000000X better with ghost roaming around. This is probably the funniest shit I’ve ever seen on the sims. Grand work.

  16. Admin Says:


    I don’t think “concentration camp” in the anti-Semitic sense is apart of this. If you’re just joking around thats cool, but neo-nazi shit is really depressing and silly

  17. Ryan Says:

    Im polish and have a soft spot about concentration camps… but bravo dude.. great idea and in jest its funny… Enoungh time has passed to joke about such things. P.S. See if you can have some arian guards or something…. And the guy who says the sims is gay has never played it. My girlfriend at the time used to play sims 2 and got me into it and its actually really fun…

  18. More-onic Says:

    OMG, soo hilarious, where are the gas chambers and crematoria? How many tv channels do you think they had in the original concentration camps? What a laugh, you POS.

  19. david Says:

    Brilliant. Simply brilliant. 10,000 internets is not enough for you, sir.

  20. tommy Says:

    well to start the answer to you question this is probably the funniest thing i have ever seen. I have a good 5 minute chuckle looking at the pictures. But, to answer you question, you have a couple options (depneding on which version you are using.)


    you can use the “visitor_control” cheat. This allows you to control visitors using the keyboard.

    You can also go with changing the free will level using the “autonomy [1-100]” cheat. setting this to 100 will allow your sims and visitors to actually use logic and feed themselves/bath/just be happy.

    THE SIMS 2:

    Well this won’t make them happy but an interesting cheat is “intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8″ I’m rather curious to see the outcome. This cheat allows you to up the ammount of people you can invite to a party.

    boolProp testingcheatsenabled true will give your sim COUNTLESS options. click on him and make him create objects until the baby shows up. You can force everyone on the lot to be PERMANENTLY happy. You can also force everyone on the lot to love one particular person (Hitler for example?). You can also make it so everyone on the lot becomes a part of the family…and ultimatly under your control.

    I hope this help please email me with your results as I’m rather curious. (

  21. tommy Says:

    Another interesting tidbit is that “” has a downloadable gas chamber. Sims will take a shower and instantly die. Giving you a tombstone which you can sell for 5$. Generating profit from your dead.

  22. Victoria Says:

    LOL. Thanks, I’m doing a report on concentration camps. I guess after all the hours of research I should find this disgusting and stuff, but I couldn’t help but giggle.

    I’m horrible, but so are you


  23. Victoria 2 Says:

    HAHAH! this is the funniest shit ive seen in a really long time! koodos to you…. now build your neighbourhood around it and take over the sims and show them what world domination is about… bwarharhar…
    good job man…. your a god


  24. Jim Says:

    now all you have to do is put everyone in striped Pajamas lol

  25. coyoto Says:

    man! wtf have you not heard about the Singularity…..u may have just fukt us all

  26. usurper Says:

    How about some kind of coliseum where you could make them fight to the death and a spanish inquizition style torture chamber for the prisoners that fail compete in the simus maximus?

  27. Braxx Says:

    holy mother of fuck this is awesome.

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