Thu September 1

For Sale: Portable Toilet (Flushing)

Try Grandma

Crap Your Hands Everybody

Blind Fireman

Wed August 31

Rudy From The Cosby Show Has Some Insane Roundies Now

Tue June 7

Excuse Me M’am May I Ask What’s Going On Here (NSFW Image)

Fri April 8

Fake Head In Bed Prank

Thu April 7

60 Disc CD Changer For Sale

If I Had A Third Arm

Thu March 17

Instant Six Pack Abs!

Wed February 16

Gays Tearing Away Social Fabric?

Tue February 15

The Worst Case I Have Ever Seen…

Fri February 11

They Aren’t The Best Donuts…

Mon January 24

Free Sign On Furniture Didn’t Work

Tue January 4

The Best Of Reddit Bachelor Frog

Thu December 30

This Is A Wasp (Image)

Thu December 16

Woman Hints At Murdering Husband On Facebook, Then Does It

Wed December 8

I was in a salon and Keanu Reeves walks in…

Thu August 12

But Dad I’m A Bit Ashamed

Thu April 22

Australian In Melbourne Contests Parking Ticket

Tue April 13

Unemployed To Do List

Batman Meets Barack Obama On Chat Roulette

Fri April 9

Woman Of The Year

Fri April 2

Lost: Killer Puppy

Mon March 29

Low Price Guarantee

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