Sun August 5

Funny Craigslist Ad #236: Sexy Christian Man needs Place to stay (Dallas Area)

Wed August 31

Rudy From The Cosby Show Has Some Insane Roundies Now

Tue June 7

Excuse Me M’am May I Ask What’s Going On Here (NSFW Image)

Mon August 16

Carmen Electra Uses Howard Stern’s Sex Machine (VIDEO)

Mon September 21

To the guy that ruined my Halloween party last year:

Wed August 12

4 Hot Lesbians Seek 1 Lucky Dude to Join in the Fun! No Strings Attached!

I Found A Dildo At The Beach

Mon August 3

Ultraman seeks other Ultramen to fight giant rubber dinosaurs with

Squid-Bating: Fish Fucker Seeks Like Minded Lady!

Sat August 1

Guitar Hero 5 Naked Preview

Wed July 29

Fergie Has a Dick

Mon July 27

I just figured out who Madonna looks like now…

Sat July 25

To the Radioactive Toxic Waste Babe in the Lake Behind My House

Wed July 22

Seeking a sexual tyrannosaur for a romp in the park – w4m

Fembot seeking repair shop

Mon July 20

German Sprite Commercial (Video)

I don’t like condoms

Sun July 19

Slutty Bride & Bridesmaids

Fri July 17

Necrophiliac seeking corpse

Thu July 2

JO On Rails – 48 (philly)

Wed June 24

Hot zombie sex roleplay – t4w

Tue June 23

Girl seeking WoW player – w4m

Thu June 18

Reactions to small dick!

Wed June 17

Dear Megan Fox: WTF, Didn’t You See Me?

Tue June 16

Pink Upholstered Vagina Couch

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